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Chineasy for Children: Learn 100 Words

ShaoLan Hsueh
Thames & Hudson
English, Chinese
284 x 216mm
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Chineasy® is the fun and easy way to learn how to read Chinese characters with pictures. The book opens with introductory spreads explaining how the Chinese language is made up of building blocks. Subsequent spreads feature lively scenes and illustrations that help children to recognize basic Chinese characters. The book is organized by themes, each of which covers key vocabulary such as numbers, family, animals and food. Stories about the development of characters and customs provide the perfect introduction to Chinese culture, while games and activities allow children to put into practice what they have learned. The book also features eight practice pages for children to try out writing the Chinese characters. You’ll be surprised how easy Chinese is when you learn it the Chineasy® way!
What’s Inside?: Reading Pictures; Common Characters; Building Words; Building New Characters • My World: Body; Family; King and Queen; People; Opposites; Counting to Ten • Animals: On the Farm; Pets; Pond Life; In the Wild • Nature: Nature Walk; Weather; Sun and Moon; The Planets • Let’s Go to China: China; Noodle Bar; Dragon Boat Festival; Zodiac Animals; Chinese New Year • Picture Dictionary • Notes for Parents and Teachers
Born in Taipei and now living in London, ShaoLan Hsueh is a creator, entrepreneur, geek, writer, traveller and dreamer.

Chineasy is based on a method that ShaoLan designed to help her two British born children learn to read Chinese. She launched Chineasy after a rousingly well-received TED Talk in Long Beach, California in 2013. Her aim with Chineasy is to help anyone in the world to understand China, Chinese culture and its language.

For her this is also an arts project, as she grew up in an artistic family, being the daughter of a ceramic artist and a calligrapher. She is connecting the dots by going back to her artistic upbringing, and connecting her life's journey through the East and West.